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Dermatology Billing Associates and West Coast Derm Billers



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​​​​​​​​​Dermatology billing is all we do.
If you’re searching for an established, nationally recognized outsourcing company, you’ve come to the right place. Our companies – Dermatology Billing Associates (DBA) and West Coast Dermatology Billers (WCDB) – have been in the dermatology-billing business for more than 16 years, longer than any other outsourcing firm, and currently serve more than 100 dermatology practices nationwide.
We’ll do your billing faster, more accurately, and with better results than if you handled it in-house or outsourced it to another agency.  Bottom line:  we’ll stabilize your practice’s most expensive overhead cost while boosting your revenues via collection rates that are among the best in the industry. What’s more, you’ll receive the hands-on attention of Inga Ellzey – our founder and the nation’s foremost expert in dermatology billing – as your personal business partner and consultant.
This much we promise:  You, your partners, your staff and, most importantly, your patients will benefit from a level of service that other outsourcing firms simply can’t match.

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Save Time

The average practice spends 15 percent of its overhead on collections. We’ll free you to concentrate on your core business, while improving your patient service and your bottom line.




Increase Efficiency

Skilled office managers often spend too much time billing and not enough time managing the affairs of the practice.  By letting us handle the labor-intensive task of billing, you’ll see an immediate increase in staff efficiency.​





Makes Sense

How much money are you losing through improper coding and lack of aggressive follow-up?  With DBA/WCDB as your partner, you’ll improve billing accuracy, while increasing your revenue through more and faster collections.